Johnny is single


I can’t say I didn’t warn you or him. My previous posts pretty much had this whole ordeal dibbed from the start. All I can say is… again, he’s been in LA the whole time, and Miss Heard is in Paris for her next filming gig – with her girlfriend. Pictures shall not be posted here but you can google Miss Heard and find out plenty.

Now moving on to other more interesting things.  I have decided to have some serious plans for the next time Mr Depp is out, and about.  I think I’ve mastered a way to actually come in contact with THE Mr Depp and not the double.   The infamous DOUBLE. The man who pretends to be Johnny Depp. ( and has loads of gas) seriously the man smells like fart.  Stay away.

On another note I have removed myself from Johnny’s lawn. He was never near the windows I could spy into. It was disappointing. I have taken the liberty of placing a tracking device on his vehicle and will know when he leaves. Someone told me that he uses a car company in LA when he wants to go somewhere. That’s silly. Why would a celebrity do that???  Ridiculous when they have vehicles of their own.   I have however been staying in an LA hotel and getting familiar with the area, and the hotspots. That way I won’t end up on the outskirts of LA again.

By the way have you ever looked at a celebrity, or well known individual, and wondered what cartoon character they would be? What about couples?  What about besties?  I think I have the answer for Johnny, and Jerry so stay tuned I’m going to have a Johnny update (where abouts) very shortly!





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