Johnny’s Girlfriends- UPDATE

Going back over some photos I was analyzing Johnny and his girlfriends.  Let’s start with Winona. When Johnny was with Winona he went all goth on us. Not a bad look for him and apparently some of it stuck, but it’s certainly a goth relationship of some sort.












Then let’s look at Ms. Moss. Kate Moss. “The Drunk Years” would make for a fun reality show. Most of the time when Johnny is photographed he looks like he’s extremely angry or drunk. Can’t say that time in my life I wasn’t blitzed too. As a matter of fact I’ve lost years of memories due to being snockered in the 90’s.

ICP Libary





Vanessa Paradis. 14 years with her but it did produce two priceless adorable children. As for the 14 years, I think Johnny might have been a little confused. He does look a little confused….










Then I started to think, well what would Johnny look like with me?  His one true love.  I finally figured out that he’d be surprised and probably wondering how it all happened so fast. A friend of mine sent a picture of how he thought Johnny would react.










So cute! Just look at the “shock” of “never thought it would happen” on his face. Even my friends are aware of how much this is meant to be.

It’s okay Johnny. You’re always a catch no matter what decade we’re looking at.

~Kate Van WinFenn



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