2nd Letter to Johnny’s “Friends”

First I sent a letter to Robin Baum ( see previous post letter) and I have not heard back from her. Smart. Tired of dealing with her. Now I give you my second letter that I sent to one of Johnny’s “friends”  A Mr. Damien Echols.  Mr. Echols use to be in Duran Duran with my Johnny.  Below is copied and typed the letter I sent. Enjoy.

Let’s talk about these tattoos that you and Johnny keep getting together. Stop forcing Johnny to get these tattoos. If you keep going there won’t be any room left for me. My tattoo that Johnny will indeed be getting to represent our love.  However thinking on it. If you take up all the visible spaces I do know of one other area that is extremely private and shows complete ownership.  :wink  :    At any rate stop forcing him to get these. hummingbird, seagull whatever that awful bird may have been, Johnny prefers more of the Native American tats anyway.
I’m aware that you are living on the east coast now. Good, that will at least slow down the inking. Now to address the band issue. Duran Duran days are long over. As you can see Johnny has been doing gigs with other bands. Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, etc. Let it go Damien. He’s over the early band days. Although I can see you’re clinging to it wildly. You hair hasn’t changed much. OH and I don’t know who this Carter guy is, but he was in the Duran Duran photo that I posted at my blog and seriously everyone needs to leave Johnny alone and stop reaching back into their glory days. Enough is enough. The man can’t breath because everyone is suffocating him trying to get a coat tail ride.  I’ve spent too many nights on his lawn trying to make sure the guy is safe and you people keep showing up here and there sneaking around trying to bum some 15 minutes.
So you were in prison, and innocent. You got out of prison and you are now friends with Johnny Depp. What got you in the slammer? Let me guess you trashed a hotel room during the band days?  Wow talk about loyalty between friends. Why did Johnny feel so obligated to help you out? Were you the one that hid the armadillo?  So let’s talk future here. You’re pretty much set, so take a few steps back and let Johnny focus on what’s important. he’s barely had any time to do things for himself and me. except for selling  his yacht. We have planned to get something more luxurious. Please don’t tat a boat on your ass just to look as if you both have that in common too.
AWWWW what a CUTE picture.         NOW STOP IT.

Kate Van WinFenn


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