Kei$ha and Depp – My Take


NO she did not just come out and say this shit. “Eyeball sex”  are you kidding me?  I don’t know how a man could have eyeball sex with her when her eyes are made up like two piss holes in the snow. IN a darker room a man wouldn’t even be able to see her eyes. Furthmore  – has anyone even thought about that this “event” happened over a year ago and she’s just now letting this drop?  Now who in their right mind would do that if they had “sex” of any kind with Mr. Depp and  AND were the type of person to kiss and tell?   That’s right. If someone is going to spill the beans it’s not going to be a year later.  Did something happen to make her wait? Was she pregnant with eye lashes and had to wait?    Makes no sense.

Fantasy of Miss Kei$ha’s apparently.

I’m getting oh so tired of these women and their fantasies. Am I the only woman left that is real, and sees things for just how they are without delusions?!


WOW a modern day Courtney Love. Yeah.  That’ll get ya laid.


ama arrivals 4 221110


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