Johnny fan attacked by goat

Another Johnny Depp fan dropped by to see me last night.  She was starting to get on my nerves (she was talking about Johnny way too much.) I knew she was crushing. I didn’t have my taser beside me. It was in the other room, but I did have my new pet that I’ve been training in the room.

I decided that a goat would be in order. The goat could, and would keep hoochies in line.  We can’t have a bunch of hooches running around, and making my job more difficult. Look at it this way, I’m actually keeping you from embarrassing yourself around Johnny. IF you make it that far.

My goat is learning fast. At the mention of Johnny she’s been trained to attack. No I’m not kidding. I own an attack goat, and besides the words Johnny Depp placed together making her attack I have a secret word that works too. Needless to say I did not make a friend. She left screaming.





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