My time in Las Vegas (Q&A)


I arrived around 8 am to stand in line. I wanted to be one of the fans let inside. I wasn’t going to spring the VIP pass that Johnny sent until I got into the building. I didn’t want to attract attention. I also knew they wouldn’t be allowing weapons inside so I had to do something with my taser.  I found a public restroom and let’s just say Bon Bon would be proud of me.  If you don’t know what that means I suggest you think long and hard about where I had to hide the taser.

Once we were all let inside I made my way towards the backstage area.  A man was standing guard inside of the backstage doors. I walked in and up to him and let him know I was there to see Johnny. He asked me if I had a pass and I nodded that indeed I did.  He asked who I was. This was the moment I became irritated. ” Do you not know who I am?”  ” My name is Kate Van Winfenn.”  He then looked at me and said ” Let me see your pass Mr. Depp gave to you”  I showed it to him.












He gave it the once over and stated ” I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

I became frustrated with him, ” Listen, I said, Johnny told me to be here, I know him. Go ask him.”

The guard told me, ” No Ma’am, you’ll have to leave.”

at this point I became a little louder. ” Listen I was in the band Duran Duran with him!”

He said, “Johnny wasn’t in Duran Duran.”

Oh hell no, it was on now!

“Just go ask him!, He’ll tell you!”  At this point the noise must have carried because guess who was coming over?


Jerry.  “Oh shit” I thought. The crazy dude.

He approached. ” Jerry!, Heyyyyy how you doing…. good to see you again. I need to see Johnny. He asked if I’d come and I’m here. This ass won’t let me through.”

Jerry eyed me over. “What’s your name?”

I was getting miffed about people not knowing who I was. “Kate Van WinFenn”

Jerry: ” Ooooooohhh Yes, I know who you are.”

I smiled.

Jerry looked at the guard ” Get her out of here”

Pissed doesn’t begin to describe what I felt. Leave it to Jerry.

I yelled out “You cockblocker! You can’t continue to do this! Johnny’s going to be pissed Jerry!  He sent for me and this isn’t going to sit well!!” I was escorted not only out, but off the property.

I acted as if I was going to leave but went around back.  (lucky for them I didn’t have my taser out) When all was over with I saw Mr. Hammer come out of the building.  I waved to him and yelled ” Armie! Hi!”  I think his car and driver was trying to leave him behind because when he saw me and waved…. stopped mid way through his wave, and bolted to his car. I even heard the doors lock. Wow – the security really prisons people in. So sad.

I did manage to see Johnny when he was leaving but I couldn’t get to him fast enough before he was gone. People were trying to get his autograph. He did see me. I knew when he saw me he was upset.  I knew what he was doing too. He was trying to let the others know about me. He pointed straight at me.











Needless to say I know Johnny will be disappointed and angry.  I am now back in L.A. I am waiting for Johnny to return to his home, and / or get word of where he will be next.  The only thing I need to do before I settle in for the night is find my taser. I don’t know where it’s gotten off to.




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