Oh FTLOG Amber Heard AGAIN

Alright first time I decided to let it slide but now the bitch has gone too far. Has anyone see the pictures? Johnny and Amber Rolling stones yadda yadda. Poor Johnny won’t even raise his head up and smile. That might be due to not wanting to be with her. Just a guess. You can clearly see she’s moving into the wrong territory. That territory has a name. Mine.

So much for coming out as gay. I have a feeling I will need to come up with a better plan to keep the hos off mah turf’  I still hold to my own theory. She isn’t his new love interest.

He adopted her.

Not only that but Johnny gets out of the car on the right side, and is wisked away. Amber exits the car on the right and has to make the walk by herself.  Real couple like there.    (Thank you Jerry – I knew I could count on you, we always can)



((Good Luck to you Johnny! Best Wishes))

…………you’re gonna need it.


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