FYI – F.A.Q.

Reading this blog:


(( 1. When you see this ,   ((    before words that are typed out, and after words typed out it means typing/talking as myself the author.  It is not “Kate Van WinFenn”  example:  ((Good luck Johnny! Best wishes!))

2. Kate Van WinFenn is a fictional character – please do not write me and ask if I am really traveling all over the country trying to find Johnny. If you can not tell this is a fictional blog – seek help or learn how to interpret better.

3. Do I think I am being rude towards Johnny Depp? [ yes people have written and asked]  NO I do not. The posts on this blog do not reflect my feelings AT ALL towards Mr. Depp. [well except perhaps being disappointed with the whole dating someone that is young enough to be his child. That’s just gross to me, but hey try to hang on to youth. None of my business.]

4. If you aren’t really Kate Van WinFenn why spend so much time and effort into a blog where some people see Kate as a creepy stalker?  Because DUH it’s fucking funny.  It’s exaggerated and fucking hilarious that’s why. Some of these fans have actually thought about things like this no doubt. Don’t tell me some of them haven’t.

5. Have you ever met Johnny Depp?  First off, I’d never tell who I’ve met.  That is something that pertains to my private life off the internet. I’ve met quite a few people that are considered celebrities.   However there may in the future be a little fan “campaign” to get Kate to actually meet Johnny Depp.

6. Do you have a real life crush on Johnny Depp?  No. Seriously. I don’t have enough time in my life for any kind of crush on anyone. Sorry to disappoint.

7. How long have you been a fan of Johnny Depp? I don’t know that I’ve been a hard core fan. I’ve admired some of his films and I think he has a unique way of being able to bring his characters forth for us to enjoy.

8. So why did you make this blog??   Because poor Johnny is so sought after that I felt it would be funny to see what a delusional fan might do. Not a stalker that would harm herself or him, but just a funny character that  did funny things. It’s so weird to know some people become so famous that some fans might actually think of doing things. For example fans that show up at every premier in every place/city it’s held.  [yes it happens] one movie, several premiers and they attend ALL of them.

9. Is someone really publishing your stories in the tabloids? Here’s the deal. There have been several times I’ve posted one of my “stories” and then it comes out in a tabloid rag. Either someone is having a slow news day and taking the idea OR I’m reallllllly psychic.

10. Why did you pick Kate Van WinFenn as a name?    Ok. Seriously? I’ll give those that ask this question the benefit of the doubt and assume they aren’t a huge Johnny Depp fan. Forgive me but usually 90% of the ones reading here are JD fans.  If you want to know about the name and why I chose it do a google search on all of Johnny’s girlfriends. Just google and get a list of them. That will answer that question once and for all. ))



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