Transcendence here I come

Arrived in Los Angeles this morning. I will be making my way to the set of the film and finally speaking with Johnny. We’ve got some serious work to do. The rumors are already swirling that Miss Heard has been seen coming out of a doctors office. They don’t know if it’s routine or if she’s pregnant. Let’s not forget that blood tests for marriage are done in offices too!   I must make sure that kind of thing does not happen. Besides I think we can all be sure it wouldn’t be Johnny’s baby anyway. More than likely the father of the baby could very well be any number of women.  REMEMBER??? DUH.

So I am formulating a plan on getting on the set. I will have more for everyone soon.

Yours Truly,


P.S.  “PPSSTTTT Amber, this is Johnny’s Co-Star.  MUHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA……..wait a sec….shit!”




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