On the Set of Transendence


Today was a breakthrough. I got on set. I came in for an interview.  They are hiring intern”crewbies”  of course I was going to go.   I showed up and everyone was all smiles.









They quickly let me back to the group I’d be working with. I made sure I came in disguise too. JUST in case Jerry was around. I have to talk to Johnny first – then we can deal with Jerry. Lately Jerry has been slacking because he let the wrong woman get around Johnny. Now Johnny needs my help before he is completely duped. I just hope it’s not too late.  Anyway, the group of crewbies and crewbie interns were very nice. They will prove to be very easy to not only manipulate but very easy to slip away from.  They also were in good spirits upon meeting me.










They might already know who I am. That’s what I’m guessing due to the looks on their faces. Johnny must have told them already.


OH I almost forgot. My disguise. It was awesome!!!!














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