Figuring out this drama

Second day on set and all is well. I have managed to make the rest of the interns think I am actually interested in this work and they have no clue I will be trying to get to Johnny soon. I thought I was about to be recognized by Jerry today.  I had to make a sudden about face and walked into a porta potty.  Too bad I didn’t open the door before I hit it. Good thing he wasn’t paying attention.That was close.   They do have a rule about talking to the stars. If you are crew you don’t speak to them. You can if they talk to you but you can’t initiate a conversation.  It’s a good thing I’m not really crew.

Maybe the imposter was there too.  You can’t fool me – I’m too smart for this, and Johnny would never forget about his one true love. …………(that’s me)








I may have to start obtaining evidence of this imposter.  I am very close and could gain much insight but I can’t let that distract me from Johnny.  Tomorrow I will speak with Johnny.  I would have done it today but I accidentally had a run in with the craft services table. Apparently we were a distraction ( myself and some newbie crewbies were being too loud. )




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