Searched for Johnny tonight


I took the liberty of visiting a book store this evening. As I was browsing the isles of books I came around the corner and there stood a man …I could hardly believe it. For some reason he reminded me of Johnny. I’m not sure what it was about him but something just struck me and I immediately started the process of what it would cost to make this man MY JOHNNY DEPP.

Hair plugs : $ 6,000.00

Facial reconstruction: $ 25,000.00

New Wardrobe: $9,000.00

Inking: $ 7,000.00 ( I mean really doesn’t anyone ink anymore?)

Surgery to gain height: $17,000.00

Acting Classes: $10,000.00

Drug Rehab: $12,000.00

Grand Total:  $61,000.00

I still can’t place why this guy brought Johnny to my mind but I’m for sure keeping this one on the short list. SEX- AY Here’s a photo I took after following him over to the bar next door.



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