Next door to Johnny

Ya know…these houses right around Johnny’s home here in LA are all owned by Johnny too. However this particular house I’m in at the moment does have some tenants. Probably people Johnny knows, but alas they are away on vacation which leaves me to take a seat by the upstairs window where  (with the aid of these binoculars) I can see onto Johnny’s property. I will report the first thing I have noticed. There hasn’t been one hootchie come in our out of his home. That includes Miss Thing. Also known as ” I like to look like a giant blood clot at the met Gala”

So far I have not seen Mr. Depp, except for when he exited his vehicle and went into his house. However that doesn’t mean I have been lax and not watching the windows.  It would be so nice if I could peer into his bedroom. I’d love to see what kind of PJs he wears to bed. Wait….what if he doesn’t wear PJ’s? Maybe he just sleeps in his undies.  DEAR GOD, what if he sleeps in the……….. nevermind.  My mind sometimes gets a head of me.  I may try to get over the fence tonight. I’ll have to wait until the front entrance lights are off. It’s rumored he sometimes sits in the far end parlor and reads. There just happens to be a window looking into that parlor.  I’m sure as soon as he sees me he’ll no doubt have a huge grin on his face.







Also, before I leave this exquisite home I have already left them a little gift.









Yours Truly,



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