Part Deux (Amber Heard)

((first off wordpress is glitching and it’s running some of my post and pictures together. Bear with me until it corrects itself or lets me correct it. Pictures are at the bottom of the post. My apologies it’s driving me crazy trying to read it!!))

OK No I can’t let it go, here’s the other oh so important things I missed in my last post:

Must like cars?

Amber’s Mustang  it’s a classic 68 model.

What did Johnny’s character Tom Hanson of  21 JumpStreet drive?: 1967 Mustang Fastback

Here’s one for sale and with a paint job would be identical to Tom Hanson’s. Maybe I should buy it before Miss Heard gets it.


Marilyn Again

OH remember Fleur Da Mal in the last post? Marilyn Manson art exhibit 2007/8?

Fleur Da Mal – song off his album in 2004

Marilyn Monroe

Vanessa Paradis likes Marilyn Monroe. Johnny actually bought her a necklace owned by MMonroe.

Note: I must go back to being platinum again.

Enter Amber Heard Rum Diary Premier London. Her dress. Very close to Marilyn Monroes dress worn to sing Happy Birthday Mr President. ( see photos at bottom of post)

Well there is a little bit of a difference. Amber has a more modern cut/style to her dress, and at least Amber’s dress had sleeves but same color, and same form fitting style.

Not to mention the photo shoot Amber did. Mimicking Marilyn Monroe:
Anyway – Next:
OH yes that lady getting into the SUV in 2012 and then Amber photographed two days before the Rolling stones concert I forgot to post the picture in my last post. See bottom of post
Alright so onward
NOW Amber and Johnny went public on April 29th and the first thing Amber does is go to a flea market and buy a mirror and then the following day goes to the doctor.  I’m sure she had NO IDEA that paps would be following her after they went public. I mean…..she’s probably naive to creating that kind of stir.  I’m not posting the photos, google if you want to see them
Tasya Van Ree
This is Amber’s ex girlfriend. She looks and dresses like a female Johnny Depp right down to tattoos. Well… that’s something. Tasya even has a thing for hats too. Neato!
Two days before Amber and Johnny went public Tasya posted up one of her pieces of artwork. It was a drawing of two horses mating. One mounting the other one.  This came right before word was released that Johnny and Amber were buying another horse so they (the horses not them)  could breed.  Weird drawing… because inside of the bottom horse was a person in a fetal position. Hmmmmm. Proves nothing except they are still friends and talk. However…
Babies can equal career killers but they can also set a girl up for life financially with the right baby daddy.<p>
Nope not doing this one. I dun want no babies right now.It would interfere with travelling.
Moving On:
Amber Heard attends the Public Enemies premier This happened either during the filming of The Rum Diary. Notice she stops in front of Johnny’s public enemy poster.  Now celebs do have areas they stop in every so many feet to take pictures, but considering Tasya attended this with her, couldn’t she have made it a point to NOT stop right in front of the poster? Kinda subliminal actually.

Amber made a comment /quote listed in the previous post about what she did to get the part in the Rum Diary and how much she was like the character Chenault in real life. Now which one is she talking about? The Chenault in the movie or the Chenault in the book. They are very different. In the book Paul Kemp doesn’t even want anything to do with her because she’s …….promiscuous.   (aka whoring it up) I really hope she meant the script/movie character Chenault. Then again….. you know what? It doesn’t matter.  Anyone that’s googled Amber staring in “The Informers” probably knows the answer to this question.

Amber’s Talent Agency
Amber was first with Acclaim Talent Agency
Amber is now represented by CAA (2011)
In 2004 Winona Ryder switched to CAA
Similarities with Johnny’s other girlfriends?
When Sherilyn Fenn was asked the following:
Caps: What made you decide to become an actress?
Sherilyn: I did not choose it, it chose me. I moved to L.A. at 17
Amber Heard dropped out of school early and went to NYC.
Caps: What jobs did you do before becoming an actress?
Sherilyn: Well, I was fortunate enough to work fairly quickly but to supplement, I worked in a clothing store. I worked as a “door bunny” at The Playboy Club.
Amber Heard played on the TV series the Playboy Club
Kate Moss was discovered at 14 and at 16 a photo shoot shot her into fame. She is/was a model. It’s probably reaching a bit far to say that maybe Amber Heard said, “heyyyy I could be a model!!”
May 2010 Vanessa Paradis does a photo shoot with a military look.
2011 Amber Heard one ups that with a photo shoot in S&M garb.
Who has Amber Heard Dated?
Amber Dated Chrispin Glover 2007-2008.  What’s significant about this? Well it was before The Rum Diary for one. #2. Chrispin was in the movie “Dead Man” with Johnny Depp back in 1995.  He was also in Alice In Wonderland with Johnny in 2010.    Hey, at some point if you are around people that know Johnny you’re gonna run into Johnny. If you do one movie with him you’re pretty much guaranteed a second.
In April 2009 a rumor surfaced that Amber Heard was engaged or dating producer Arthur Wybrands. (Supposably this lasted from April until August) her rep at Hyler management shut it down immediately to protect their privacy. Some seem to think that is because she was dating Tasya Van Ree starting in 2008. Uh oh. (google it)  If this rumor was true, where are her reps now? Either it’s not true this go around or Miss Heard doesn’t want it kept private.
Ok this is getting a little tricky for me. I’m not sure I want to spend thousands of dollars on acting lessons so that I can incorporate all this into my plans to live happily every after with Johnny. I think it should happen a little more easy. I’m perfectly fine with traveling around where he wants me to go and NASA always welcomes me with open arms. Jerry however is an issue but you can’t stop love.  Besides ….hey wait a second…. the majority of people talking about Amber don’t seem to think the acting lessons helped her much if at all. I wouldn’t have to spend that kind of cash on lessons then. I need to save that for a possible facial reconstruction – I have a lot of men on a short list.  There’s got to a simpler way to accomplish this. Why didn’t she just sleep on his lawn???
Amber Heard:
“I think a lot of men think they love me, but I don’t think it’s genuine enough to spend time on it or emotionally invest in it. It takes a lot for me to fall for somebody and most of that is in the brain and the heart. It’s about finding someone who pisses me off. I’m in it for the challenge.”

One thought on “Part Deux (Amber Heard)

  1. I think Tasya’s painting is indicative of breeders. Perhaps she is trying to say that that’s all that Johnny wants. I have also mused that perhaps Tasya and Amber wanted a baby to raise together. Johnny would be a terrific sperm donor. Excellent genes.

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