How to land Johnny Depp (Amber Heard)

As you know I’ve followed Johnny around for a while. Jerry seems to be a huge obstacle and of course a bigger obstacle is the impersonator. Countless times I’ve been there for Johnny and one of these two have seen to it that our destiny is prolonged. I started to think…”What could help me out?” “What could I study in order to make this happen faster?”   I realized the best thing to do. Look over all of Johnny’s previous girlfriends and see what it was about them that helped them nab Johnny! I thought about it and decided to start with his newest “girlfriend” er… that might be too strong of a word. Anyway Let’s take a look at Amber Heard. How did she hook Johnny Depp?  Get comfy this is going to take a while.


We must look at who Johnny is/was friends with.

Hunter S. Thompson, Marilyn Manson, Nicholas Cage. To name a very few.


We look at co stars – those that have been in movies with Johnny Depp

Charlize Theron, Danny Treo



Robert Rodriquez

Let’s take a moment to explain these first three areas.

Nicholas Cage: It’s true that they are friends, and that after Depp’s band broke up, Nic Cage suggested he audition for films. So he did a reading for Wes Craven, got a part in Nightmare on Elm Street. They are still friends and have been since the early 80s

Amber Heard did the movie Drive Angry with Nicholas Cage in 2009

Marilyn Manson:

Johnny did the movie From Hell 2000/2001 and Marilyn did a song for the soundtrack to the movie. They have been friends for years. Marilyn actually had a small part in one of the 21 jump street episodes.  ‘Les Fleurs Du Mal’, Marilyn Manson’s 2007 to 2008 worldwide art exhibition named for its titlepiece watercolour which was first revealed via in mid-2006. The title of the painting however evokes the much deeper and intricate reference of Charles Baudelaire’s 1857 incendiary poetic collection during the era of Romanticism, ‘Les Fleurs Du Mal’, or ‘The Flowers of Evil’. In 2012, both Marilyn and Johnny received matching tattoos on their backs. The tattoo is in reference to Les Fleurs Du Mal.

Amber Heard did not meet Johnny Depp until 2009 when she auditioned for The Rum Diary. However  we do have a quote from an interviewer that happened to be asking Miss Heard questions before the movie The Rum Diary came out.

says the 23-year-old. While in high school, the Austin, Texas native was also a member of the high school drama team and currently enjoys such hobbies as reading the poetry of Baudelaire (rebel!).

It’s nice to see that she was smart in doing her research about things Johnny was interested in. I wouldn’t have thought to do much of that. Good tactic!

Now what about Hunter S. Thompson? Well we know Johnny was good friends with Hunter. He did the movie “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas” and he stayed in Hunter’s basement for a time.  This info was out years ago. The movie Fear and Loathing was done in 1997.  My God that’s years before Amber met Johnny. However before The Rum Diary came out, we do have a quote from Amber Heard about Hunter S. Thompson and her getting the role of Chenault in The Rum Diary along side Johnny Depp.

“I’m a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan,” she says. “I see him as an incredible symbol of artistic freedom and experience. I fought tooth and nail for the role. When I found out they were casting for it, I wrote the people involved a letter. An actual physical letter on that thing called paper. I knew the connection I had to the material and how close to the character I actually was. I knew that this was my part.”

Again great tactic here. She really went after what she wanted. Johnny er…I mean the part in the movie.


People Johnny has starred with in movies.

Charlize Theron – The Astronauts Wife (along side Johnny) 1999

Amber Heard was in North Country, with Charlize Theron in 2005  (4 years before Rum Diary was filmed)

Danny Treo- Once upon a time in Mexico – with Johnny early 2000s

Amber was in Machette Kills with Danny Treo – 2012

Wait wait, before you say Amber and Danny didn’t have a movie until 2012 long after the Rum Diary – the director of Machette Kills is Robert Rodriquez. Who Directed Once upon a time in Mexico.

So I see it’s all in who you know….. okay – taking notes here.


Johnny has said he has a dark side. That’s not too hard to believe when you look at some of the roles he’s chosen. Many of Tim Burton’s films have a gothic feel to them. It’s not secret that Johnny loves odd things. Darker things. From Bauldelaire (Les Fleur Da Mals) to other writings etc. He’s mentioned things over time. In knowing this, let’s take a look at Amber Heard Tattoo. It’s located on the left side of her ribcage. It’s from a poem by Pablo Neruda. It says:

“Te amo como se aman ciertas cosa oscuras, secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.” Which in English means “I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”
Pablo Neruda was spoken about on Johnny Depp fan forums online in 2004. Again years before the Rum Diary.
Alright this means that you need to have something on your person that shows you love dark, Gothic shit. Something that will “speak” to Johnny. Got it.
Rumors and I repeat rumors said that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis had not appeared together for a few years before their official break up announcement.  That announcement came in June 2012. It was official.
Shortly there after we hear that Johnny has bought a horse for Amber Heard, and we see a mystery lady entering Johnny’s SUV in Creede Co. During the filming of The Lone Ranger.   Most thought it was Amber Heard due to the woman’s accessories etc. However we never saw Amber in the clothing the lady wore that day getting into the vehicle. That was in June 2012.  May 2013 two days before the Rolling Stones concert that Amber and Johnny finally went public at, Amber was photographed in the same outfit that was seen in the lady entering the SUV. Well if the paps didn’t catch them at the stones concert at least Amber had it covered. She has indeed been with Johnny.
Later that summer we saw Amber Heard wearing a blackfoot T-Shirt while she was out and about in California. The same T Shirt Johnny was wearing on the set of one of his POTC movies. Apparently Johnny’s t shirt. We also saw her wearing Native American jewelry.  Shortly after Johnny and Vanessa made their split, Amber Heard is photographed going into a Western store during filming of the Lone Ranger. All this during a time when Johnny neither admits or denies his relationship if any with Amber Heard. However Miss Heard is wearing all kinds of things to drop hints that she is with Johnny.
Taking more notes here…… try to  get some of Johnny’s clothing.

WAIT – Johnny and Vanessa made the announcement in June 2012 – and even if they were not together officially for a few years before that, they did want everyone to think they were. After all when Johnny was asked if the rumors of breaking up were true (sometime in March or May of 2012) shortly before the official breakup announcement came, he said NO, it was not true. That means that for whatever reason Johnny and Vanessa did not want anyone to know. Privacy etc. Kids are involved here peeps.

But Amber Heard was seen wearing that blackfoot t shirt the summer of 2012, after the announcement – but also…………..she wore it in January of 2012. That is five months before the official announcement. Are some of you saying ” so what, he and Vanessa weren’t together even though they hadn’t made the announcement.” True.








Ok so – ignore the fact that kids are involved and ignore the wishes of Johnny when it comes to keeping things on the down low until the time is right. I think I understand. Drop hints no matter what is at stake. Got it.


Let’s wrap this up! Please!

Amber recently finished filming the movie Syrup. In this movie – Amber Heard’s character tells a guy that she lives with her girlfriend.(she tells the man she is a lesbian) but we find out in the movie she only says that to make herself more appealing. She isn’t really a lesbian. This kinda sounds like what happened to Amber in real life.


Ok so I need to become gay. Carpet munching here I come! or am I? or am I bisexual? Ya know I’m getting confused.


No one knows if Johnny Depp is spiritual really- or has any kind of religion. It looks as if he embraces many kinds of spirituality. Johnny made a comment to Alan Ginsberg in an interview in 1994 , the piece that William Saroyan wrote at the beginning of The Time of Your Life.  Johnny brought this out of his pocket and he had carried it around for 10 years.

In the time of your life, live-so that in that good time there shall be no ugliness, or death for yourself or for any life your life touches. Seek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of it’s hiding place and let it be free, and unashamed.

Alan Ginsberg replied, “You know the basic budist view is very similar to that, in the sense of alchemizing any situation and turning bricks into treasure, or shit to roses.”

A few celebrities out there wear little red rope bracelets that symbolize their belief in budism or the kaballah. Um Amber Heard has said she is an atheist. Yet recently she has been photographed with a little red rope bracelet on. Who knows if her bracelet stands for that or something else, but it sure looks like the same one Keira Knightley wears.









Many of you might think “Maybe Amber and Johnny just have a lot in common and that is why they like each other because Amber would’ve  had to be a big Johnny Depp fan to do that kind of research just in hopes of nabbing him. No one has any idea if she was or wasn’t a huge fan!”

OH but we do.  Take the link and go to .46 seconds. Listen to the question and Amber’s answer:




Ok, she means Paul Kemp right? Paul is the character Johnny plays in The Rum Diary. Here in this interview, Amber is explaining a little about her character named Chenault from The Rum Diary, she speaks of Chenault as a character, but then says Chenault meets Johnny Depp, not Paul Kemp. Hmmm.. It’s almost like she is talking more about herself.

watch from 2:30 seconds

I wonder since Johnny dropped out of school – if others should? Amber Heard did and about the same age too. She said she was a bad ass in school. A rebel.

It’s apparent that Amber Heard is very thorough. Being a life long fan of Johnny Depp she has been able to watch, and read the things that he likes. Thus incorporating them into herself, and reeling him in. Too much? Far fetched? I dunno. It does seem strange. I haven’t grasped at anything. I just put the connections together. Those are the most obvious ones. There are others, but aren’t you tired of reading by now?


I need to go and make a check list and get this started. I’ll have to make one for each girlfriend and then combine them.  I’ll warn you though. If you want to try this, that’s fine, but do know that you’ll be competing for Johnny with me. His true love. May the next best schemer win.


6 thoughts on “How to land Johnny Depp (Amber Heard)

  1. Did you know that the red shirt that Amber was wearing at the pics in january 2012 (I’ve saw that picture bigger) it’s also HIS?

    And Amber also wore that tshirt and shirt for Valentine’s day on 2012…not a coincidence, i think!

    • Thank you so very much oh precious informer! Hmmmm…. now I’ve got to take more than one item of clothing…. ya know …Amber Heard is getting a little creepy to me. Creep factor has intensified! Just don’t know what kind of woman would go to these lengths…….

      • A woman in love? sorry, but that’s how it looks to me. Taking his clothes with her (that means passion!). To have the patience to hide the relationship for over a year…and also it was too obvious in the way she talked about him at “The Rum Diary” promotion. “the best experience of my life”, “he lights up a room”, “he’s a man to fall in love with”.
        The answers were there…we were just too blind to see it!
        And sorry, but how could we blame her for falling in love with him? I can’t. I would do the same!

      • Depends on if any of those posts are true. There’s a difference from being in love and being obsessed and planning something for years. The only difference between her and Kate is that Amber is an actress with more access to people. That and Kate is fictional. Yep creepy with a capital K. You’re right the signs were there, and with enough research on Amber Heard pertaining to Johnny you can see the desire to get herself around him has been there for years. Years.

  2. I also believe she sealed the deal so to speak by leaving Johnny for a woman the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. She made her demands then said if you want to be with me this is what you have to do. Then she made him chase her.

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