It’s up and running



I went down to the hotel lobby today with a mission. I went into the men’s room down stairs and went into a stall. I patiently waited for someone to take the stall next to me. Finally about 15 minutes in the victim entered the stall. Once he was good and comfy I stuck my hand under the stall and placed my taser on his ankle. Needless to say the taser is still in working order. I promptly left and made my way back up here to my room.  When I got off the elevator on my floor there were people standing in the hall gabbing. I took out the taser and lit it up.  The little electric currents zapping blue.  Most people got wide eyed and moved but one dumbass looked at me and said, “That thing isn’t even real.”

I tased him in the face.

Bet he never surmises like that again.




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