Johnny Amber and PR

Good Day

I made a phone call Friday to Johnny’s PR team in California. I was a bit miffed and I felt that enough was enough. While talking to this woman who can’t seem to stop touching Johnny in numerous photos and outings I told her that on behalf of me and my thousands of blog readers we were tired of hearing so many lies placed in the media about “johnny” (AKA his imposter double) and Amber.[I have left an example for my readers below about so many being tired of this talk]  I told her that if we had to be subjected to lies coming out in the press then perhaps they should give us something a little bigger and more sensational. In other words shit or get off the pot. Quit with all the little “assumptions” being placed out there and make it something good.  We don’t want to see anyone buying mirrors, and getting their clothes cleaned. Lame.

I then hung up.  So…..we wait and see. I’m sure that with my rank and pull something will be done about this.  I hope that this PR person will let the real Johnny know that I called. I can just see his face when she tells him!!


Here is that example taken from celebitchy comments:

I want this to happen because that wedding would be PHENOMENAL.Johnny is going to look stunning wearing a vintage lace wedding dress with an original 1920′s cathedral length veil (both as scarves) while Tim Burton sobs quietly in the background for the ‘One That Got Away’. Amber can wear that red monstrosity and continue trying to make that ombré hair work. Lily Rose will be carving a shank under her bridesmaid’s bouquet. It will be AH-MAZING.


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