Secret Messages from Johnny

I sent a letter to Johnny Monday. Here’s what it said:

Dearest Johnny,

On behalf of myself (your one true love) and thousands of other fans I have devised a way in which you can communicate with us, concerning the confusion  that has arisen. You will find some basic body language, and accessory signs you can convey -telling us what is going on. Your secret messages to us.

1. If you or the imposter double are being secretly forced to be seen with Amber Heard suggest that she wear white.

2. If it’s the double make him wear the the purple sunglasses.

3. Wave with your right hand if they are getting ready to spin a false story.

4. Walk behind Amber to tell us it’s not as serious as they try to say.

5. Walk in front of Amber if you just don’t want to be there but were forced to go.

6. Use your left hand in any situation/photo op if someone wants to use you for fame.

7. Use your right hand in any situation/photo op if you are using someone without serious commitments.

8. Wear your Grey hat if you have received this letter and are sending messages.

9. Do not smile in photos if you need my assistance.

10. Smile if you need for me to visit you again.

11. Wear your black hat if you plan or are planning to ditch her.

12. Wear the snake necklace if she’s planning to hold you hostage for years.

13. Wear at least two necklaces if you are trapped or being held against your will.

14. Wear a bracelet or cuff if Amber is secretly seeing another person.

15. If you get another tattoo, I understand it will be a representation of our love. For us.

16. Wear blue sunglasses if you require assistance in your escape.

17. Wear a skull ring if Amber Heard is pestering you.

18. Wear multiple rings if there is nothing going on between the two of you.


Amber went from smiling and talking to the paps to looking down, and never acknowledging them. That’s out of character for her. So who told her to do this?? Johnny? The guards??

Why change? Is this the deal (arrangement) since Miss heard got what she wanted? To be seen in public with Johnny?

He certainly STILL isn’t smiling or walking with her.  He is happy right?


She’s going to end up questioning this whole thing…..


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