Back to Square one

Alright so apparently me being locked up and not getting to the set on time has put a damper on things. Not to worry I will still be able to sneak on set.  In all actuality I think they were a little stunned at my creative genius and it made the rest of the interns feel inadequate. I feel somewhat better I am not there to make them feel that way.

I did hear Johnny had hired some homeless people to have a part in the movie. I may try to pass myself off as one but it is going to require several days without bathing. I’m not adverse to not wearing deodorant because I have spent lots of time in Europe and pitt smell is welcomed there.

I do feel it’s necessary to try and hack into the mainframe of WILL – A.K.A. Johnny Depp’s computer he will be using on set for Transcendence. I’m aware of how to hack into the movie system computerized equipment and will be doing so later tonight. It might be the only way to get a message to Johnny AKA Will.


P.S. Bought a brand new taser today. Must try it out!



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