The Lone Ranger Premiere

Looks as if Jerry is finally doing part of his job. I didn’t see Amber around the premiere tonight but that is probably due to the fact it was not the imposter for once. As a matter of fact I was present and I made sure that if Jerry fell short on his duties I would take over. I did in fact get my chance. Apparently there were escorts during the last of the premiere that led the actors/resses out onto the platform. As you may have seen I made sure the ho that tried to escort Johnny onto the platform did NOT get anywhere near him.  I’m sure he would have mentioned to her how it would upset Kate Van Winfenn too much, but I saved the poor girl from having her heart-broken.

I simply grabbed her, and told her to back off. I also tied her to the back of the locomotive and tased her.

Great evening though! Got some great photos! First was trying to get to Johnny, second one Jerry may have eyed me I’m not sure I was on stilts – stolen stilts but who cares. The third was taken in the men’s restroom in guest services.




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