OK so after being detained at the airport something about my passport not matching my ID – Ihave no idea what they were talking out. Anyway I’m debating on which of the upcoming premiers to attend. I’m thinking Japan because I could blend well, but I’m leaning towards Paris. I’ve been there a few times and I know my way around.  I’ve been having nightmares about Jerry’s ties and I’m quite sure it’s fashionable to be straight, then a lesbian, and then Bi, and then straight again. I just don’t know how to do all that. Sounds like work to me.

Looks like Kimmel is on my shit list now. I don’t know what made him think he should just accept Johnny’s lips…. what the fuck everyone has to get a piece of Johnny. Did anyone notice that Johnny let the whole world know he doesn’t wear underwear? Oh yes. He did. I could have told anyone that I’ve got a keen eye and I’ve been taking a look in that region for years. The man has a great hang.


Anyway tonight I am at home. Testing out my new camera. Delayed timer etc. Quite bored but ice cream always makes it better.

Yours Truly,

Kate Van WinFenn



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