Letter to Marilyn Manson

I wrote and sent another letter to one of Johnny’s good friends. I have copied it so that my readers could have a look. Enjoy.










Dear Marilyn,

I wanted to start this letter with Dear. Reason? I don’t want to piss you off, you terrify me.

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue. Johnny is being bothered by a woman by the name of Amber Heard. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of her. Most haven’t.  She was that woman in the red dress that stood beside you during a Rum Diary event. Johnny, Amber, and you took a photo together. It might jog your memory if I try to remind you. Blonde girl. Red Dress. Blood clot. I’m certain you’ll remember now.

Anyway Jerry has been lax on his job, either that or Amber Heard has been able to give him the slip which I doubt because she’s been IN the car with Johnny and Jerry. I believe Johnny is in danger. He needs my help which I why I am writing to you.

I need a spell.

I’m sure you can help me out. I was looking back over your albums and your photos and it dawned on me that what I needed was a spell and from someone that could throw it down so to speak. I mean seriously you scare me and when my cat saw a photo of you she began to hiss. I knew right then you were the ..man… for the job. I am leaving my address for you to write me back I will also include my phone number. I’m not picky on the spell to get Amber off his tail but I would like to see some dragon’s blood, some rosemary, possibly elf blood, and you have to include candles. Not micromanaging just telling you what to do.


Thanks Marilyn,

Kate Van WinFenn.


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