Hells half acres


I’ve done enough traveling for 6 months worth of catching up with Johnny. I’m still noticing a pattern with Jerry, and I’m noticing a lot more of those dropped clues from Johnny. He’s really making sure his fans know what’s going on. (glasses, jewelry etc) I think he may be trying to break away soon.

I did make it to one of the premiers, and as far as I can tell Johnny was happy when he spotted me.




















I even got to stay at the same hotel Johnny was at.  Which was great because as usual people always try to get in Johnny’s way, and I was lucky enough to have my new best friend with me.








I had one before, but it involves my toilet, and a trip back to the ER, and I don’t feel like discussing it. These things are pretty lethal around water. Let’s just leave it there. Johnny left the hotel before I could see him. There were at least 12 people on the floor he was staying. All of them outside of the rooms. Apparently four hotel suites were in use by him, and his team.


I came off the elevator, and was making my way down the hall when some woman asked me where I was headed. I told her to see Mr. Depp. I mentioned that it had been several months since we last spoke. She had this white hat with some sort of black around the top of it.  She said he wasn’t seeing anyone today. I slowly turned my head to look at her. I stepped backwards several steps into the elevator, as she was stepping in. She must have been going to the hotel gift shop or something. Anyway, I turned my head towards her once the doors closed. “What’s your name?” I asked her. She didn’t answer me.

Ahhhhh this was how it was going to be. People shouldn’t be out without a bodyguard.

I tased her.


I was more than a bit miffed at that point, and called the elevator back to the top floor again.  I took myself back to my room. It was a great room too overlooking the back alley. Anyway I went to my window, lit up a smoke and peered down. There was Johnny getting into the back of one of those SUV’s. “DAMN IT!”  I was missing him again. Some woman stumbled out from the building, and seemed to have issues walking. They helped her into the SUV too. I shrugged. I suppose the timing wasn’t right. Either that or Johnny was trying to get away from that deranged woman – I won’t name names in the elevator.

It just goes to show. I shouldn’t be messed with when I’m on a mission. I am headed back to the States in the morning. I took a couple of extra days to just sit it out, think, and plan where Johnny may be going next. Sometimes tells me Venice. Johnny, AKA FRANK – I’ll be there soon. There’s lots of water there.



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