Silly Fans


While I’ve been moving form place to place around LA and then now in London, I had some long nights to do a little internet surfing. What I came across was very funny and oh so silly. Some guy/man is claiming to be Johnny himself writing at a small little blog.  I have copied some of his entry and wanted to share it with my fans. Apparently he was or is a fan of mine and he is aware of the relationship I have with Johnny.  This will make you laugh. Poor soul.


My own little space on the world wide web. The only place I can get total privacy. I’m glad of that.  The last time I was out around town I had visited with some old friends. We reconnected after the movie Cry Baby.  After which my life has been more a whirlwind. I was at my house and relaxing for a few days.  I started to hear what I thought were some small animals nesting in my attic. It is an old house, and I decided to see what kind of damage was being done. It had been a long day and although the noise kept me up all night long the evening before I though to check it out in case I needed to call on someone to help out,

I climbed up into the attic and found an alarming scene. Surely someone had been playing the worlds biggest prank on me. I found a slumber bag, some books, wrappers of heath candy bars. Two empty bottles of aqua fina, an empty bottle of wine that was obviously mine, and a tube of brand new KY. It looked as if someone had been camping out in my attic. There’s no way anyone could get by security. I figured out one of my own buddies or the kiddies had been up in the attic. KY aside this was strange. I’m attracted to strange so I decided not to say anything and catch them in the act.

The next morning I had a few texts on my phone. Some unknown person that I text with. I don’t think she knows who she is talking to. Gives me a little bit of an outlet. Nice actually, but she’s a little strange at times. I have the feeling she acts  like she knows me to make me feel comfortable as a stranger talking with her.

That afternoon I left and we thought we were being followed by paparazzi. Some crazy driver behind us, swerving and trying to catch up to us. It got scary and scary fast. This person knew what they were doing, knew it was me in the vehicle ahead of them, and was one hell of a driver. I heard my phone going off telling me I had texts, but I couldn’t answer because we were driving so erratically. Dangerous. Glad the kiddies weren’t with us. 

I did make it to the airport safely. I had to make the flight to London. I accidentally deleted my texts through butt erase during the car chase, but that’s alright if it’s an emergency or important I knew they will call instead. I left in a state of awe. I’ve never seen a paparazzi drive a golf cart like that in my life.


I arrived in London and everything was pretty peaceful. There was a window washer my first night there in a hotel. I became suspicious when the window washer started to put on suction cups. Attaching them to her elbows and knees.  When I returned from the adjacent room the washer was gone. I didn’t know they could move up and down the building so quickly.

That’s it.  I’m not saying anything about the attic scene I found. I don’t want them to know I figured them out. These security guys can get pretty bored. lol.   I did find out this morning that some guest here at the hotel zip lined off the roof yesterday.  Her pants ripped as she got hooked in and secured to her zip line, but it must have been so fast she couldn’t stop.  Hotel security was waiting and escorted her away with a blanket around her. Never a dull moment.


This is clearly a fan. I’m flattered actually. I have no idea how they would know about some of these things unless they are stalking me. If they are stalking me, I hope they know it’s illegal.


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