Been in hiding

The fire incident didn’t go over too well.  A any rate, I’ve had a lot of planning to do. It seems that this girl has managed to hold johnny hostage very well.  He doesn’t look to be enjoying himself at all!  So, considering she’s been very sneaky, and johnny has given plenty of signs (see my previous posts to see the signs he gives) he needs rescuing. I have been sitting quietly plotting, and I believe I just about have a plan.

Before I give that away, for now just know that I’ve got this covered.

Word on the street is that he went to Austin this week. Oh no no no. He’s not in Austin. I decided to find him, and I happen to know  he’s located at a top secret computer tech lab. I’m on my way over there in about another 15. They say it’s heavily guarded. Well….we’ll see about that.. I don’t know of anything that could stop my stealth and cunning.




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