That’s how I roll

Sorry for the drastic change at the blog but I got tired of then same look, two years. I needed a change.

Things went well at the lab. I crossed over the high fence, and even though I lost a shoe I made it to the far side building and as I started to open the door, I heard this weird sound. I turned my head and saw a dobie dog growling at me. I took a package of crackers out of my pocket and threw it down. Opened the door and went in. I wandered around until I heard a large hum. I knew that was the room full of servers. That’s where I needed to be. I went in.

They had this thing set up all elaborate like. Even having “secret” names on the servers that of course I knew were fake to deter people. I simple had to get to Will. I went to the far end of the room and grabbed a large switch. Turning it off would release him. I just knew it. He needed me. I had to turn all the servers off.

I flipped the switch which made a large power drain sound and the room went dark. I remember asking over and over, Will, are you here? No answer. A generator kicked on and it gave dim lighting in the room but it didn’t turn the servers on. Some dumb ass left a mop bucket, and that’s how my plans were sabotaged. I tripped over it and the water went everywhere. The sparks were flying, things sizzling and I started running. I was about to get fried. I slipped and fell twice, the smell of singed hair- mine.

I ran passed the last server before reaching the door, still thinking of how silly it was to have those secret name tags. Who did they think they were fooling? They were keeping Will/Depp there, and they wanted to make it seem it was the city of Los Angeles power grid.

I ran out the door, across the large building and out the door again. I was making my way to the fence, with smoke coming off my hair. Then it happened. Dobie was back. I had nothing, no crackers, nothing. The motherfucker took my other shoe as I was going over the fence. Not only that, but my single packet of KY intense located in my back pocket, that i had brought for our reunion, fell to the ground and it was too dark to see it. Fuck it, I left it.

I had a time finding my car, L.A. Has this thing where they try to save energy and they turn off street lights. Hell everyone in that neighbor close by, were all in bed. Not a single light on. City street lights were out, traffic lights too. I got to my hotel and it was pitch dark. Desk clerk told me it was another blackout.

I went to sleep in pitch darkness. Knowing that I had failed Will. Why the hell can’t they find a way to stop the blackouts? You’d think they would have a system in place.




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