And the rumors never cease. I wonder why the world thinks Johnny Depp was talking about Amber Heard when he said he was wearing a chick’s ring? Assumptions will bite you in the ass. Just because she is a stalker and it’s clear she gets around him quite often does not mean they are actually engaged. I’m surprised no one has asked him, “Who are you engaged to?” because its clear it’s not this Amber Heard woman.

Poor man has went back to giving signs again. have you read my post on secret signs he gives to let me know he needs help? He’s back to all the jewelry again, glasses, etc. This is serious!


Just chill out and relax, I have my taser and I’m prepared to use it. She sure does look like that woman that I tased at the hotel…..


Who has ever heard of a man wearing an engagement ring? I think people had better start asking who that ring belongs to, “A chick’s ring” is not an answer. the world flips out over a ring. My god. It’s not set in stone ya know…. he’s always protecting me. What a trooper!



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