On Set Black Mass II

Arrived at the set of Black Mass today. I took a professional photographer with me to catch the moments as they happened. Couldn’t wait to get those photos with me and Johnny side by side.

So I pulled up in a taxi and had a ways to walk. Long road. Anyway I did get to the area that was fenced off. A security man approached and asked for identification. I showed him mine and he asked me where my pass was at. I said, I didn’t need a pass, Johnny was expecting me. He was eyeing me over and said, “You don’t look like the last girl out here. You’re hair isn’t as long”

I stood there thinking for a minute and then it dawned on me what he was speaking about. I wonder what he thought about as I tased him? The name that shall never be named was almost spoken aloud. That girl, AKA does NOT exist. (that’s the reason THAT GIRL’S hair is so big, it’s full of secrets!)

The photographer was standing there with his mouth open. Just then another guard was on the way. I decided to do what I needed to do, I scaled the fence, and he was right behind me and bless his heart I did go a little slower so he could feel as though he had what it took to catch me.


Needless to say, he wasn’t that athletic, he couldn’t match my ninja skills


I finally made my way over to where a lot of cameras and lighting gear was at. I was looking around and trying to see if they were filming, or on break, hell maybe they were at the kraft services table and I was hungry so that’s where I went. I looked over the food on the table and grabbed a few cookies, and walked around the far side of the table, out into a clear area to have a look around. BINGO! I found someone that might be able to tell me where Johnny was at. Some guy having a cup of coffee.

I told the photographer to follow and get some photos. I approached the man and asked him, “Hey would happen to know where Mr. Depp is at?” He just looked at me. I stood there, waiting….waiting….. then I asked, ‘Is he even here today? He was suppose to be here! What happened? Did they change the schedule? Will he be here later?” The man looked at me, almost concerned, bless his heart, he must have known who I was. He simply shrugged as if to say maybe, he didn’t know.

I told him thank you. About that time, I heard a man yell, “There she is, her and that photog, get them!” We took off in a mad run, Johnny wasn’t there to save me or help me out. They are still keeping him from me. We made our way out the back of the set and had to walk through a narrow path along the river. We stopped at a place to get some photos printed off, and the photographer gave me the photos, I paid him and he was pretty quick to leave.

I’m at starbucks now, typing away, and looking over these photos. I’ll never forget the man we talked to today at the kraft services table area. Maybe I should have asked him to take me to where Johnny was at. He seemed nice. I sure wish Johnny would have been there. Better luck next time. Here’s the photos of the guy at the table I spoke too. Kinda funny looking. Poor thing.



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