Johnny Depps Set Trailer (Black Mass)

I made my way up the river and through the back fence. I found the set trailers and quickly located Johnny Depp’s trailer. I knew I had the correct one, I had the blue prints to go off of.


Once inside- no one was there. I called out, “Johnny!” but no answer, I felt at home and took a look around. Very nice. The kitchen was great, the living area was great, and the bedroom….. the bedroom threw me. Lots of women’s clothes in the closet, make up on the bathroom counter. Women’s shoes on the floor. I looked on the table next to the bed, and saw a letter, I didn’t read the entire thing, but I know it started out Dear Dakota. Why would a person address a letter to a state?? Hollywood weirdos.

I left the bedroom and decided to drop off the gift I had brought Johnny. I posted it up in his living room. A photo of myself. Really cute!


Then I sat down and dozed off. When I woke several hours had gone by. Still no Johnny. I began to think that he wasn’t on set anymore, maybe he was filming scenes in a new location, not even in Boston or surrounding areas. Perhaps they had not moved his trailer yet. He did sometimes stay in hotels. I guess this was it. I had to leave, and that meant leaving Boston too and waiting for a new lead on where Johnny was at. I left the trailer through the front door, so that I could make my way out the back of the set, and walk back to a main road to catch a cab. When I shut the door to the trailer, I saw the same man from yesterday coming out of a trailer next to Johnny’s. He saw me. Just stood there, staring at me. I gave him a gesture, like “what??!” He then came the rest of the way down the steps and walked away.

Jesus people are nosy here. I saw him across the way. He had made his way over to some crewbies and he turned to look back at me. Maybe he was an extra, or maybe he just had the hots for me and couldn’t stop looking. Regardless I left. Disappointed, and heavy hearted. The man staring at me the whole time while I left…weirdo!



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