Tell Kate your Story #johnnydepp

I think it’s about time that I asked all of you, you’re best Johnny Depp story. That can be meeting him, your plan to meet him, getting an autograph signed, when you first started stalking him, or trying to call him regularly. That means I want you to COMMENT. See the little quote bubble to the upper right of this post? Use it! Tell me you story. The best story gets featured here, for the world to see.

NOW GET ON IT, I have a long flight!


4 thoughts on “Tell Kate your Story #johnnydepp

  1. I met Johnny during the time he was filming Public Enemies. He shook my hand, and signed my paper. We waited forever. I seriously didn’t wash my hand for three days. I slept with my hand in front of my nose. LOL LOL

  2. I have a huge poster in my room and I’m 32 years old. I also have a little light that I leave on right below it so I can see it while I fall asleep and when I wake up. I am single. Apparently.

  3. I fell in front of Johnny Depp several years ago. He was going into a pub and I was coming out. I was tipsy and tripped right over the door step. Awesome first way to say hello.

  4. All of it is a story. I like to write poetry. I speak Castilian. I’ve only seen his films. I have pictures patalla background, to see the depth of his gaze. It is a great human being

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