Lerner – Army Base

I’ve received word that Johnny AKA Lerner is at an army base. I’ve done my homework and I have scouted until I found the one he was at. I had no idea that he took this so seriously. Apparently he speaks another language and that has come in quite handy. I spoke with a gentleman about this and told him where I wanted to go. I’ve gotten lucky this go round, and it seems things are going much better. THIS tells me that Johnny has arranged for me to meet him, and has set up a very secret yet …smooth way to get to him.

My transportation is being paid for, my lodging is being paid for, and I’ll even get a little money on the side. I guess Johnny is giving me an allowance to make sure I’m kept happy. I had to sign a lot of confidentiality papers as well. SO I’m leaving right now. I can’t wait! I’m going on a bus and will be to the destination within hours. They even gave me papers so that I won’t get told to leave! This is awesome! Who would have thought one little word would get me cleared! One little word. Enlisted!


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