I’m Free

Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to get the Army to send you home? First you have to go through basic training. I told them I wasn’t suppose to be there. They told me I signed up so bullshit I was staying. I past the physical parts of the training but I soon realized maybe that was the problem So I started failing them. Which made things worse. I did everything I could, told any lie I could in order to get them to let me out. I even told them I was gay, and they shrugged. WHEN did that change? They said years ago. I think they lied. I got extremely frustrated. I made the entire group score low on a war game, and for whatever reason it made the entire group beat me with soap they packed into their socks. Ungrateful because half of them need to go home. I wouldn’t feel safe with anyone protecting me or my country with just soap.

I finally got called in and “the big talk” was going to happen. I was asked why I didn’t want to be there. At this point I was tired of lying. I just told the truth. I told them about Johnny. How we were in love, how I was suppose to find him, he was living under the alias of Lerner. Things got screwed up and now I was two months behind in getting to him. He was no doubt devastated, and I was too for that matter. After two hours of this talk and letting them know ALL THE PLACES we had been together, they asked me to go back to the barracks.

That was two days ago. Tonight I am home. FINALLY. I was sent home with some papers. Don’t know how to read some of it, and I don’t care. I have to gear up for Australia soon. I have much to do. I’ll find out what this means:

Under the guidance in chapter 1, section II, a Soldier with less than 24 months of active duty service, as of the date separation proceedings are initiated, may be separated for personality disorder (not amounting to disability (see AR 635-40)) that interferes with assignment or with performance of duty, when so disposed as indicated in a, below.a. This condition is a deeply ingrained maladaptive pattern of behavior of long duration that interferes with the Soldier’s ability to perform duty.

Seems my kung fu was just too strong.


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