Golf Kart has it’s own parking space now..


I took it out today in traffic again. I’m a celebrity so there was no need to pull me over. They’ve gotten wind of who I am. Which brings me to another topic. It was leaked that Johnny and I got married. That we married on the island, and I have no idea who leaked that information! Few even know we were engaged, let alone our venue for our nuptials! I don’t know where anyone would have heard it. I only sent a few emails, mentioned it here at the blog twice and did several tweets about it. The internet is such a small place, I know that couldn’t have done it.

Anyway, now we have to pick a different venue. :sigh: damn media.

I did as I said, get out and about today in my kart. Tell me has anyone seen 21 JumpStreet the movie? Pretty good no? As usual I met up with Johnny today. He does such drastic things to avoid being mobbed and followed around by the paparazzi, but it seems he found me once again. I took a photo! I am happy to be able to post it here and show the world! Johnny ! after I took the photo some creep cut me off, went by screaming I was going to slow get my fucking kart off the highway. He blocked me and Johnny took off. I never caught up. Arrgghh, the things we go through to try and hook up. Fame….

Gorgeous! Just look at how he’s looking at me!!


Yours Truly,


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