Made it!

It was quite the trip to Australia!  It took less time than I thought but it was one heck of a flat trip!, Great weather the whole way!  Did you know that Australia has islands that have the same names as the ones close to Florida where I left from? Yep! Here’s one of the first pictures I took when I set foot on land!

Holy snikies!! That’s cool!!

Let me share more of my beautiful pictures,

heres a map I bought…this will come in handy finding johnny

This must be a sister island to the actual Grand Cayman off Florida.

I don’t know if I want to camp on the beach or get a hotel. I haven’t made up my mind yet but that’s okay. I have everything I need.

I may have spied Johnny earlier today. In disguise of course. More on that later. I just found a small lagoon that looks great for skinny dipping and this raft of mine. So glad to be in OZ!


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