About this BLOG

Welcome to my little journal. Please thumb(click) your way through this blog to find my travels to find my Johnny Depp. I’m sure you’ll find it entertaining and quite funny.  Come along for the chase!

Video of what blog is about

(This blog is fictional and has been created entirely for entertainment purposes only!)


Just another writer on the internet. I love to laugh and since Mr. Johnny Depp is so sought after I felt this would be a perfect way to show the obsession that can at times……..follow him around. It’s entirely fictional, however a blast to read. “Poor girl just can catch a break!”

Fellow Depp fans, ENJOY!

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Please leave a comment to one of the posts – they are moderated and can not be seen until approved. Thank you!



4 thoughts on “About this BLOG

  1. Your blog about His Depp-ness is funny!! I live between Angel Fire and Eagle Nest, NM and our little valley has become revitalized and electrified by the cast and crew of The Lone Ranger being in the valley! Supposedly He is to be at Angel Fired Pizza tonight at 7:00. It’s fun hearing where he may be or is going to be! I found your blog by googling “Johnny Depp in Angel Fire”. I’ll let you know if I see The Johnny!!

    • Marcy, thank you SO much for the compliment on the blog! I can just imagine what kinds of things Johnny has to go through. I figured I’d give a voice to all the crazy things that some fans think about doing – not that they would but it’s so funny to think about. There’s always ONE. LOL Let me know what you find out. I can work it into a post!

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