OK so instead of sending out email after email I’ve decided to just answer the questions here. I do thank you all for writing that’s super sweet because I know many of you aren’t followers but do read everyday. Ok here we go.

1. What gave you the idea for this blog?

A. Oh I think it was hearing all kinds of stories about fanatical fans. Not the average “Oh my god! There’s Brad Pitt!” Kind of fan but the really over the top fans. I decided to make a blog that was funny and chose a very well known celebrity to be the focus.

2.  Do you have any professional experience writing?

A. If you’ve seen my grammar and punctuation here at the blog you’d be telling me”If you ever do write make sure you chum up with an editor.” LOL  No – only poetry of mine has been published.

3.  You should consider just getting a website and having your blog a part of it. Have you considered that?

A. I have but other than the blog, I’m not sure what creative content I’d place on the website to make it a whole complete website.
UPDATE, complete website in the works. 2014

4. I know you might not want to say and it’s not really important but I’m curious. What do you look like?

A. Your typical girl.  Wouldn’t it have been a lot better to hear I was 5’0″, 300 pounds, and a man or better yet a leprechaun. LOL

5. Are you married?

A. Nope. Never been married. 

6. Where do you come up with your ideas for posts?

A. Sometimes it’s just things that pop in my head but others I’ll see a picture or it’s just something I feel would be over the top and funny. I get inspired by weird shit.

7. Who do you admire?

A. Too many people to list. Horace Walpole, John William Polidori, Edgar Allan Poe,Emily Bronte,Paulo Coelho –  There’s a lot of peeps.

8.  Have you ever met a celebrity at all, like actually talked with them not just an autograph or a handshake?

A. Yep. I’ve got relatives that are in the industry and/or well known. I don’t ask for autographs or go to places to shake hands with celebrities. There’s nothing wrong with doing that I just don’t do it.

9. Has anyone written you and told you to stop writing on your blog or you shouldn’t have a blog with this kind of storyline.

A. Yep. I had a couple of people write me and tell me to stop stalking Johnny Depp that it was creepy and illegal.  Apparently they didn’t read the about this blog and they don’t understand that most of this kind of stuff can’t happen (tasing people without repercussions. Although I would like to take a taser to a few people)

10. I don’t understand why you don’t have a lot more followers. It’s a very funny clever idea. Why do you think that is?

A. I….don’t know. It could be that some people don’t find it funny. We all have differences in sense of humor. It could be not enough people know about it. I haven’t done much besides let people know on twitter. I’m doing it because I enjoy it. I don’t care if there is one reader or 5000.

11. I think you should do a bio page or add more to the about this blog page.

A. I might just do that. Thanks.


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